Banner Proposal for Terre Haute Arts Corridor

Proposed designs and concept for the Wabash Valley Art Spaces competition for banners for the Terre Haute Arts Corridor. In this idea, It was important for me to feature sculptures that can be seen along Arts Corridor. It would help to inform both community and town’s visitors about local sculpture and about unified plan along downtown routes. The sculptures offer great opportunity to explore abstract shapes and visually interesting textures.



Terre Haute Arts Corridor, Banner Proposal by Sasha Krasutskaya

about Terre Haute Arts Corridor

Arts Corridor in Terre Haute, Indiana stretches along 7th Street across downtown. Along this route  you can see area’s arts institutions, such as Swope Art Museum, and Wabash Valley Art Spaces. In last ten years, Arts Corridor has been populated with a growing collection of public sculpture