Ibex Dealership Farm Equipment Custom WP Pages

Technology used.

WordPress, PHP, jQuery, HTML/CSS

I designed and developed fully responsive single product, and product archive pages using PHP, HTML/CSS, jQuiery. I used Slick carousel for product gallery. For this dealership website, i decided against a bulky solution like WooCommerce. There was no cart, nor payment, all we needed was just an effective product presentation.

Custom Post Type: Equipment.

For this project, I placed functionality into a plugin creating CPT Equipment with a custom taxonomy Type of Equipment. I created fully custom PHP templates for single equipment pages and an archive page. Built in a child-theme, these custom templates were designed to work seamlessly with the rest of the theme to bypass page-builder entirely.
My thinking was to create an effortless user interface to enable easy, yet predicateble product managment were different members of the team could update information.

web-design, Sasha-K

I used ACF(Advanced Custom Fields) plugin to create user fields like product gallery, featured video(if availble), features accordion with variable number of features, and various specification fields.
For archive page i wrote a filter menu using custom taxonomy Equipment Types. This filter sorted farm equipment on the backend, sending sorted products to be displayed in the browser.

On small screens.